Leading Her Through The Dark


I never know when I am going to get the unexpected appearance of maturity or movement forward but when it happens I savour it for how special it is.

This morning when I got up I noticed that Johnny’s little sister,  Princess,  had used “her potty” during the night and went back to bed.   She told me this morning that she woke up and had to go potty but it was dark so she woke up Johnny and told him she needed help finding her way to the bathroom. She said he got up and lead her in the dark (with the only light being a little night light) to the bathroom. He did his business too but told her he was tired and had to go back to asleep and Princess finished her routine and went back to bed too. Their Daddy and I had not heard a thing which amazed us because normally one of us wakes up so they must have been pretty quiet.  Princess was so happy this morning that her brother took care of her in the night and she didn’t have to wake us up. I gave them special cuddle time this morning for both doing so well.

I should mention that Princess has been feeling insecure sleeping by herself in her own room and has been worried about “shadows” in her room.  She has wanted extra stories at bedtime and was relunctant to go to bed.  She decided she would feel better if she moved her bed into her brother’s room.  Johnny was excited about this and even though this is a big change having her back in his room they have a close relationship and this seemed to over ride ant anxiety he might have been feeling.

Sitting back and watching this important friendship bloom in the face of Autism is absolutely heaven.

Art credit : Blue Night Light by Toni Grote

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