Last Friday Johnny stayed home with a bad cold.   Normally that would be okay but that day I was caught in a jam because it was Princess’s first ballet class of the spring session and it’s the only one of two where parents and caregivers are allowed to come right into the dance room and watch. There was no one to watch Johnny that morning and I needed to get her to her first class.  He was bundled up under a blanket resting on the sofa and Princess went over and asked him. Of course he’s feeling awful he just wants to rest on the sofa.  She asks him really nicely and told him how important it was for her to go and how much she’d really like it if he did. Especially how important it was for her to have him see her dance ballet in a class because he’s never seen that before. He didn’t really want to but he groaned, got up, gave her a big hug and pulled himself together and went with us.

I brought the iPad telling him he could just sit and do that and I thanked him for being there when he had a cold. He refused the iPad and told me “I am here to watch Princess dance Mommy” and that’s what he did.  A couple of times he turned to me and said “my sister is happy….very happy.” She was very happy knowing Mommy and Johnny were there. Also she hadn’t been in ballet for year so this was was even more important for her able to do this.

I wanted to share this because it’s hard for anyone to be motivated when they are feeling sick but it’s usually harder for him to attend to do things when he’s feeling like this. But he knew how important it was for his sister and this seemed to be the motivation he needed.

I think that was amazing.

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