Good Friday Conundrum


This is what I had to send a relative…..

“Good Friday is a sad day Mommy….Jesus died on the cross that day.”

So you can see I am caught between a rock and a hard place because as Grandparents you want to see them as part of Easter before you leave. But….even though the teachers never talk about the religious side to me they are preparing the children for First Communion.

So I am going to have to honour what he’s being taught and treat the day as “sad”. We won’t be able to go or be at a big get together that day but if you want to drop by and see the kids that is fine. As for Easter goodies Johnny is rigid that this only happens on Easter Sunday. Last year he refused to celebrate any Easter bunny stuff on Sunday because we did it already at Grandma’s which upset Princess alot.

So I’m doing a balancing act of what he is being taught at school, his Autism and family. Not everyone celebrates the religious side of this weekend and God knows I’ve got some catching up to do but with him being older now and Princess starting at Catholic school in September as well, I feel I have to do this way.



I think because of Autism my son is ruled by his routines and finds solace in rituals and traditions. He likes to know what to expect and then have some control over the world we live in. Little things to some people are big things to him. Last year he loved seeing his extended family on Good Friday but was confused and then later angry when we tried to do an Easter Egg hunt on Sunday. “It’s done Mommy.”

When I decided to send Johnny to Catholic school (they are publicly funded where we live) the first reason was not to raise him in a Christian and Catholic environment. We chose it because of the policy of inclusion as a rule and not as an exception. We liked how all children are treated with dignity and respect and he would have a place with all the children just like we want him to have a place in the wider community when he is older. So now I have to accept that it’s a reciprocal relationship and he is learning about God, Jesus, and Easter and I should follow through at home so he is not confused. When he is an adult he can decide what he wants to believe in just like I have but for now let him prosper in a place where he is included and looked after by his peers. For me that is the true meaning of Easter when a little boy who is different feels like he is just one of the kids and comes home with a big smile on his face everyday.


Love to hear what you think....

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