Always Wants To Buy Me Flowers


Every other day he wants to buy me flowers. How can I say no? It happened last year as well he would do that. Last year he did it when he thought I was sad and needed cheering up. Then last spring and summer he would buy me flowers  just to say I love you.  Now he is very insistent of the type of flower he gets me to the point of tears.  I think its his way of making me feel better when he knows I’m leaning towards my “red zone.”



Now I’m wondering if he wants to buy me flowers when his schedule or routines are interrupted because he is looking desperately for order in chaos.  This might not sound logical but to him going up the street and looking at the buckets of flowers or the row after row of potted tulips and daffodils and finding something he likes and bringing it home makes him feel good.  The vases in my house are empty and should be filled with flowers.  My dinning room table does not have flowers on it.  Flowers make Mommy happy so Johnny feels better too.  I can’t argue with that logic.


Love to hear what you think....

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