I will give you $20 if….

……you stop talking for 5 minutes”


That is what one Mother told me she told her little girl last week because her daughter was talking non- stop last week. We were standing outside the doors of ballet class and peaking through the glass doors catching a glimpse of our girls attempting to twirl. It seems her 4 year old daughter has been very “needy” this past week and was bursting with lots of information about everything and anything to tell her mother and mom was getting desperate for some peace and respite. According to my daughter’s nursery school teachers that is what preschoolers like to do.

I stood there and I had one thought that was racing through my head at that moment over and over again. I remember a time when I would have given anything to hear my son talk. I wanted to know what was in his inquisitive mind and what those soulful eyes were hiding.  But she doesn’t know what that feels like.  The ache of not knowing if your child will ever talk.

Now my son Johnny is bursting with ideas, eager to share his new knowledge about something he has learned from school or from his Daddy. Now he’s asking me over and over again the same question about something I swear sometimes he’s repeated 30 times just to make himself feel better. Johnny is trying to tell me something and I hear his sister and him arguing about whose turn is it to tell me something.  It is during those moments I pinch myself. Wasn’t it just yesterday that he just grunted and pointed at what he wanted?

So I can promise that I will never be that Mother who wants her child not to talk even if I can’t gather my own thoughts.  I know what 4 years of silence sounds like and I wouldn’t trade the chaos I hear in my house now for anything.  I hope that she gets her 5 minutes of peace….


Love to hear what you think....

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