A Cornucopia of Locks


Our first wander on our first evening in Paris was to head down towards the Seine river  for a walk and cross a bridge over the Louvre so that Johnny could see the fountains.  We stumbled across the “The Lover’s Bridge” or Ponts Des Arts that has been taken over by the “lovers lock” phenomenon that has been in the media recently and has expanded to every metal bridge in Paris.   Here is an article about it, the safety issue looming as one rail fails because of the weight of the locks and the conundrum it is causing the Mayor of Paris: Paris ‘Locks of Love’ Overload Bridges, Threatening Structures – Bloomberg


So many locks of every different size, colour and shape under the sun. Some were engraved with the lover’s names on them and dates.  “Let’s find the purple ones and let’s find the sparkly ones becomes the new game.”



For a little boy who lives in the details I think this was a tad overwhelming for Johnny. We were glad that we were on a bridge over water so he could look out at the Seine and regain some peace from the visual stimulation.  But with all good things that can become overwhelming for him the situation turns into “the moth to the flame” and he only wants more.


As I predicted,  Johnny didn’t want to leave the bridge because he had to see…ALL…and I mean ALL the locks.  It was now around 8 o’clock and the sun goes down much later in Paris and the kids were still on North American time so we knew that we didn’t really have much time left until they both craved sleep.  We also wanted to cross the bridge and go over to the Louvre and show him the fountains because the spraying and running water gives Johnny a sense of calm.

Johnny decided he was not interested in the fountains and was immoveable.    I was getting worried he was going to start counting the locks. He can easily count to 100 now out loud;).  His little sister, Princess ,was not amused and grabbed her bother’s hand and started dragging him across the bridge and towards the Louvre.  She is only 4 and Johnny is nearly 7 but he is now the size of an average 9 or 10 year old.  Princess is a very determined little girl and she won:)

Suddenly as Johnny got passed the traffic whizzing by and interrupting his audio processing and filtering he heard it. The sound of running water and he was off.  It was fountain time.



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