He Always Finds The Fountains….



Johnny’s little sister Princess finally had him convinced that it was time to go hunting for fountains and the race was on. He had heard the trickle of spraying water and now she couldn’t keep up as she yelled, “Johnny wait for me.” Water has always been calming to Johnny and a source of overstimulation. I had a feeling that once he encountered the fountains of Paris it would be a bit of both.



This area was part of the Louvre Palace courtyard and in the centre was a large fountain with a big spray in centre. The wind was blowing the cooler evening air from the Seine and the spray was now swirling around. Princess decided to stay with Daddy and try and not get wet or cold. I was trying to organize taking some pictures when I saw Johnny run towards the far side of the fountain and sit down.    He was happy.

Below you can see that Johnny has moved over to the other side of the fountain as he is now following the spray of the water and is sitting on the wetter side of the fountain.  He is blissfully happy but he is getting wet.  He does not care and is now laughing and smiling when he hears me call to him to move to  a dryer side.  He is determined to follow the spray as the gets more wet and we do not have a change of clothes.




I notice that through the arches beyond the fountain it is much sunnier near the pyramid entrance to the Louvre where we can get warmer and he can dry off.  Imagine if you will me chasing Johnny around the fountain, taking his pictures as he enjoys his fountain time, trying to contain my own laughter as I try to not get soaked in the process.  Finally Daddy comes to the rescue and is able to get Johnny’s hand and convince him to move to the sunnier location.  After all there are more fountains……yes he did manage to dry off as he got to play in the largest fanciest water table he has ever seen.



Love to hear what you think....

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