Rock Star


“Hi Johnny!!!! Over here!!!! Hello Johnny! JOHNNY JOHNNY!!!”

This morning began with me feeling anxious after getting a call that the school bus couldn’t pick the kids up this morning to leaving Johnny and Princess’s school with a smile on my face.  You see my little guy has a thing for the girls and they seem to have a soft for him.   On second thought, a soft spot would be putting it lightly.

We are  walking down the street to the school when I hear a little girls voice call out “Johnny Johnny” happily as she scooted down the sidewalk on the other side of the street with her Dad on her scooter.  Johnny looked surprised to see her and a little shocked.  He has been up and down this street so many times and has never run into “Anita.”   Johnny gave her a big smile and said “hi” and I swear I saw the beginnings of a blush on his cheeks.  Anita would scoot along and then call out his name again and then there it was another big dazzling smile back at her.  He tried to race ahead of Princess and I getting closer and closer to the school.  Then he shifted gears and slowed down and wanted to comment on the flowers in someone’s garden or tell me to video tape him singing.  Johnny was now getting closer to school and that meant closer to Anita which meant he would have to talk to her.  I looked a my watch and told him not this time buddy we need to get to school.  When we got closer to Anita by the school I told him to stop and remember to greet her.  He did it very quickly and then laughed and ran ahead towards the school.  She thought it was funny and I told her he’s just really happy to see her and she said she knows he’s excited to see her before school.   I suspect that Johnny has a crush on Anita.

Princess and I run to catch up to Johnny who is running along the sidewalk by the main schoolyard when I hear little girls voices yelling “Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny hi Johnny hi Johnny hi, over here,  come into the school yard.  Go through the gate its time to play.  Hi Johnny.”

Three girls were racing towards the fence trying to catch his attention as if they saw someone famous and he’s laughing and smiling.   Johnny said “Hi” with another dazzling smile but then he quickly runs into me and slams his smiling face into my tummy hiding it.  Its too much attention and excitement for my little Rock Star.  The girls have now exited the school yard gate and are right behind him asking for a hug and hugging him from behind greeting him.  Its beautiful.  He seems to think we playing hide and seek.  I tell the girls that he is very happy to see them and he is very excited but this is pretty intense for him right now.  He sneaks a peak at them then hides his face again and says “I need to hug Mommy” and I hug him but give him the deep pressure he is craving to handle this moment.  The girls tell me that they are in his Grade 2 class and not to worry that they help him when he needs help.   I talk to his sister and she hugs us too and the girls promise to show her where to put her gear so that she can play in the main school yard.  Johnny then says, “I need to say goodbye to my sister now.”  He calls her over and she goes into his embrace and they hug each other. Then he kisses her on top of the head and his kiss lingers like a parent would do soothing a child.  The girls all “oo and awe” at Johnny and tell him he is so sweet to his sister and how they love that.  He lingers and holds his sister longer then.  They still want him to stay and play in the main yard and try and convince him but he smiles and says “I will see you all later.  I have to go and meet my teacher at the other door.”

My little guy likes is rules and routines even if he has a gaggle of girls entreating him to stay longer.   We say goodbye and I take him to the entrance that he knows he is suppose to go in and I couldn’t be prouder of my little guy.

When I leave I run into his EA (Education Assistant) and I told her about the girls and she started to laugh.  She told me that in class her and the Grade 2 teacher are trying to help Johnny be more independent in the classroom but its challenging when all the girls quickly dive into help him all the time.   They like that the girls are helpful but now they need to teach them to be helpful in another way so he can spread his wings now.  She also told me that he is resisting playing in the main school yard and likes the one that is beside the main doors that has a climbing apparatus.  I told her that climbing (heavy body work) helps him self regulate and lets face it recess is a time of chaos and he needs all the self regulation he can then.  She thinks that the main schoolyard is pretty noisy and is too much for Johnny and he retreats to the smaller yard.  She knows we are encouraging more social interactions with his peers but after what I saw this morning I can see how the “Rock Star” effect would be pretty intense for me everyday too.   The EA said that even Johnny’s sister Princess will come dashing over when she sees him and grab his hand in excitement and he is overwhelmed.  Its wonderful to know how accepted Johnny is but at the same time my little guy needs to learn how to handle what he feels inside to all of this love and acceptance.   My Mother-n-law suggested convincing Johnny to go to the main yard for 5 or 10 minutes and then go to the smaller yard so that he gets a chance to get used to all the attention and chaos.  I think that’s a great idea.  Now if can only convince Johnny.

When Johnny got off the school bus today he was juggling a special lemonade slushy in his hands.   It seems that a certain little boy must have done something pretty special if a teacher took him down the street for one of those.  Did he do his work and study hard?  “Yes Mommy that’s why I got my drink.”  The next day the EA tells me that the reason she did it was she convinced him that he could still go to the smaller school yard during the morning and afternoon recesses but it was time to try and spend the lunch time recess in the main yard with the rest of his peers.  He did it and had a good time with his friends.

My little Rock Star.


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