Mommy He Likes To Sniff My Hair


“Mommy…..Michael likes to sniff my hair.”

We have a sniffer folks who takes pleasure more then the next person in lovely smells.

“I know Michael gets so happy when you and your brother get on the school bus.  Today I saw him turn around in his seat and smile at you and  then keep peaking at you between the seat and window.   It made Mommy smile.”

“Yes he is very nice but Mommy but I don’t like him sniffing me.  Alicia doesn’t like being sniffed either.  Michael loves to jump Mommy.  At recess he plays with Johnny and I come over to play.”

“Johnny…. does your friend Michael like to sniff?”

“Yes he likes to sniff Elisa’s hair too Mommy” ~ he says with a big smile.

Is this when I tell Princess that her big brother is a sniffer as well and sometimes he loves to run his nose along the skin of my arm?  He began to do this when he was 14 months old and this was his way of showing me affection beyond a smile and well before he learned how to give me a hug and kiss.

“It bothers me Mommy.”

“Well Princess I know, but maybe you and your friend’s hair is soft and smells nice.  Its a compliment when a boy does this but I agree that too much sniffing can feel like a lot.”

I decide to take a different tact.

“You do know that Michael is not hurting you right?”

“Yes but he is making me uncomfortable Mommy.”

“Daddy likes to sniff Mommy’s hair and I don’t mind.  I like it because it makes me feel special.”

“Maybe I can tell Michael just one one sniff then that’s enough.  I can tell him that too many sniffs bother me but one is okay…but just one and then he’s done.”

If you knew Princess “just one” is one of her sayings.

I told her that was a good idea but to always remember he is not doing it to make you feel bad but because the smell of your hair makes him happy.

“How about if I tell Michael that when he’s older and I’m older he can sniff my hair.  ;)”


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  1. May says:

    It’s a difficult situation to navigate – on the one hand, you want Princess to be sensitive to Michael’s motivations (not to hurt her, simply because it makes him happy) but on the other hand, she also needs to know that she has the right to say no to something being done to her that she doesn’t like. I’m glad Princess has found a compromise she’s happy with.

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    1. Cyn says:

      Thank you May for taking the time to read my post and to share a comment. I find I’m learning as I go how to walk this mine field of how to explain to a young child what some of the sensory issues or some challenges Autism might bring to social situations as well as teach her how to navigate social stuff too. I guess its about finding the supportive balance:)


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