Adamant About Math


I received an email from Johnny’s Special Education teacher yesterday who teaches him in the Autism ISP room.

“Yesterday for Math,  Johnny was ADAMANT that he wanted to stay in Mrs. ********’s class for Math.  Her and I looked at each other and she said to Johnny that if he was quiet, listened and participated he could stay. ***** checked in on him and he was doing fine. He had peer helpers; I just don’t know how much or what “help” entails: do for or genuinely assist. Anyway it was a big step forJohnny saying what he wanted. If him wanting to be in the grade 2 for Math we might want a meeting with the school to figure out what is best for him. Johnny becoming more assertive is good.”

Johnny spends a lot of his school day doing the Grade 2 curriculum in the regular classroom but for Math where he needs a different approach.  The Special Education program is using JumpMath.

Then I received a note from the Grade 2 teacher:

“Thank you for the update.
I just wanted to let you know how assertive he is becoming in the Gr 2 class. He is speaking up a lot more about what he wants and he is clearly enjoying his classmates.
Looking forward to catching up at PT meetings next week.
Mrs. ********”

For so long, teachers thought that Johnny was “shy” and that’s why he wasn’t speaking in class even though he was considered “an emerging speaker.” Johnny has never been a shy boy. His sister Princess is shy at the beginning and takes awhile to warm up to someone. Johnny instead hangs back and observes and follows along when he is not sure what is happening and is learning. Once his confidence is high he then reveals how “assertive” he really is and that there is not a shy bone in his body. One of my nicknames for him is “Rock Star” because the loves to be the centre of attention and just by entering a room and smiling the kids are drawn to him like moths to a flame. So we are very happy that he is now comfortable and happy enough at school to show they truly who Johnny is.


Love to hear what you think....

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