A Pile Of Leaves




I saw a big pile of leaves that just beckoned to the kids to run and jump in.  It was Mother Nature’s version of a giant ball pit playroom that is in every Ikea.  Johnny was having a challenging time after a very busy week and we thought what a great opportunity to throw his body into something big and soft and give into his sensory nature.  I look around and think “like all the other kids”  laughing as they tumble around.  Why do I let that thought enter my mind?  Its like the minute I think that, Johnny takes things a little too far and gets carried away with the sensory component.  He has to reach his hand into the very deep center where all the stinking decomposing leaves are and reach for the smelly black goo.  Then I’m forced to be the “fun police” and get him out of the pit of leaves he now finds himself because we are too far from home to do a clean up and we were at the park to go to the playground and then go on a big wander through the woods.

It’s hard some times because I want Johnny to get the sensory benefits from something and have fun but balance it with the plans for the whole family.    I’m long past what other folks might think but instead I’m in tune with what my little girl might be thinking as she looks on and thinks her brother is getting yucky so we might have to go home now.

The lesson is that you have to keep being prepared to try try again and I really mean try try again because you might have all the best ideas in the world and it might feel like it won’t work out but I’m suddenly all the ducks lined up, all is right with the world,  the moon is on its axis, and he is doing everything you expect and more.  So even though it’s frustrating and you find yourself without any hand wipes and having to find the nearest washroom sometimes you just got to shake it off and just let it happen.

P.S.  We ended up going for a nice walk through the park and an early dinner as well which you can read about here… http://wp.me/p1KVmo-1SF



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