Grade Two Visual Schedules

I thought I’d share what Johnny’s visuals look like at school to help him move through the Grade 2 program each day as well as move back and forth between two academic classrooms, gym and music classes and recess.   Johnny to this day likes his days to be structured and if there is no structure he will try and put “his agenda” in place instead.  So I admit that as a family I am looking at ways to be more organized that way at home for his days off so that we have a more settled home environment.  Why?  Because no structure or not knowing what is going to happen next never mind all day builds anxiety in Johnny.  When I think about it I have my iCal calendar syncing with my computer, iPhone, his Daddy’s iPhone and our iPad all day long and we are updating it and checking it all the time.  It makes us feel better that we fill it out and maintain it and that as a family we are following it.  I think its the same way for Johnny but he just needs more scheduling then I do especially since I admit I am more a flexible spontaneous person who loves the unexpected.  My hope is that Johnny will become a bit more flexible and not get anxious when Mommy or Daddy says “later this afternoon we have a surprise activity” that we are all going to do as a family.

So here a sample of the transition schedules for Johnny created by his special education teacher using Boardmaker.  He can print them out or have them up on the large Smartboard that is at the front of the classroom.

Morning Till 1st Recess


Recess Till Lunch


Lunch Till 2nd Recess


The one Johnny found and decided that he would decorate each clock with a sticker and box with a sticker to block out the clocks and the empty square boxes.  Do you think he is trying to tell us something about his day?




Love to hear what you think....

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