Just Like The Grade 2’s



I hear the sound of laughter and excitement and the front doors of the school open and child after child follows their teacher outside for recess.  I hold my breathe and as promised,  I see him scampering threw the front doors of the school just like all the other grade twos ahead of him.  Just moments before his EA (Educational Assistant) said if I waited I would see my son because he doesn’t stay with the Special Education kids anymore because he wants to be with the regular class.  His friends from the Autism class will join him at the regular recess if they want to.

This is a moment I now replay over and over in my mind, watching him come through the doors with that smile on his face tinged with a little bit of nervousness as he steps out on his own.   But I also see joy because he’s just one of the kids.   It has been everyone’s wish who know and love him that he be accepted as just one of the kids playing outside.   Right now he is very determined to work hard and learn in the regular Grade 2 class and we are so proud of him.  Its not easy trying to sit, listen, and follow along while being with all of his friends but he’s doing it.  Deep down I know he knows he’s different but he seems so very determined to do everything that all the other kids can do.  He goes begrudgingly back to the Autism Support class so transitions are not so easy now.  He still needs to spend time there where he gets extra tutoring and social communication lessons.  We haven’t talked together yet about Autism but I feel that in the new year we should.  I want him to stay very determined, but at the same time understand that being different is not less but more and that accepting one’s disability only enables a person not stop the person from flying.

We are proud of you Super Johnny:) We can’t wait to watch you soar into 2015.



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  1. carla says:

    Bring on the new year!!!!! 😀

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    1. Cyn says:

      Thank you so much Carla 🙂 If I can find away to share his science research project on Sharks I will do so here too. He keeps pushing the bar higher and surprising teachers every single day:)

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