How To Spot A Meltdown

I saw this great resource the other day on twitter shared by @ONTSpecialNeeds: Know the difference between between tantrum vs. meltdown. — ONTSpecialNeeds (@ONTSpecialNeeds) January 18, 2015 2015/01/img_8699.jpg I’ve noticed over the past year that any posts that I have done regarding tantrums and meltdowns have been popular so I am going to try and share and information I have to further understanding.  In our house, my 4-/12 year old daughter has tantrums and follows the above chart perfectly.  My son who is Autistic has meltdowns and figuring out their triggers and enduring the storm that follows is still an art I am trying to perfect.


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  1. qwietpleez says:

    Such a noticeable difference too . . . When I see an episode in public, I can typically always tell if it is a bratty tantrum or a meldown.


    1. Cyn says:

      It is a noticeably difference! I just wish in school when my son was nonverbal that they realized what was happening and not just think it was “non compliance” and he wasn’t doing it for a goal. Gym class was just a tad too intense with 30 basketballs bouncing all at the same time with screeching children…he just couldn’t say and would reach the end of his rope. Thank you again for taking the time to comment and read my blog:)

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  2. qwietpleez says:

    Sensory overload was always one of my boys biggest triggers, still is. Mine as well. I hope and pray the efforts we all put into spreading this knowledge will help those on the spectrum one of these days . . .


    1. Cyn says:

      Its not easy is it? I remember in the Fall when I visited the school and my daughter’s junior kindergarten classroom for the “Meet the Teacher Night” and some parents bought their kids too. The noise level in the room was intense and adults were trying to listen to the teacher and she said “this was actually quieter then normal free play.” It hit me like a ton a bricks that kindergarten was hard..bigtime and its no wonder he now prefers the regular classrooms with desks and no chaos.


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