Cuddles and Pancakes


It’s Sunday, I gaze outside and we have had more snow. Do I take Johnny to Mass (church) ? I can hear the kids waking up and giggling about what stuffed animals to bring into our bedroom and who will be first. I can’t help but smile and cherish this time. Hearing Johnny tease his little sister and have her get mad at him again. Hearing him race into our room and climb up and ASK me for a cuddle. Johnny can talk. That’s what I’m grateful for. He might not sound perfect yet but he is understood at school and he can advocate for himself. Johnny has friends now too! Three and a half years ago all of this was still on my wish list.

So as I laid there crammed into our queen size bed with my children and their Daddy, I thought lets cherish our blessings and our day as a family. What would make my children happy this morning? Pancakes! Sledding and playing in the snow! What else? Just being together and playing.

So next week I will resume Johnny’s Sunday schedule of taking the bus to church and doing the children’s activities while I attend Mass, then a stop at Starbucks after for a Tazo pomegranate lemonade tea and a chocolate chip cookie if he had a great experience at church. For him that means he went up to communion with me, greeted the priest as we leave church and let him touch his head for a blessing (which is hard for him) and then walk home.

Instead today I am going to count my blessings and remember that in the small moments we can also find grace and happiness.



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