World Autism Awareness Day

Tomorrow is World Autism Awareness Day and before I sit down and organize my thoughts about Autism a year later I thought I’d share what I wrote last year.  Awareness is good but acceptance and respect is even better:)

Everything Under the Sun


Awareness + Understanding = Acceptance and Celebration

My Mother n’law says you hear about Autism all the time now on the radio talk shows and in the news.  I agree it feels like there is a lot of awareness around now about Autism.  I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about that but maybe because I am too close to the issue.  All I can do is talk about what I see and what my son Johnny experiences.

* If my child is suddenly too loud in the check out line about something over and over again and then sounding anxious I never hear anyone whispering “I wonder if that child has Autism?” Instead my son’s statements are punctuated by deep sighs from adults nearly.

* If my child starts to cry, wale, and stomp his feet because I won’t keep walking up and down the aisles of…

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