Special Message To My Son’s Teachers



I wanted to take a moment and thank the educators  and professionals who have worked with my son and those who work with him today.   Some of you follow my blog to keep up on his progress and others might stumble upon my musings in a happy accident.  So thank you to wonderful and patient teachers that helped my son who was non-verbal and Autistic learn to have more confidence as he learned to speak and share his progress with his peers.  He is now very social, has friends, and is talking.  He is doing better and better academically as educators learn to adapt to how he learns so he can access the curriculum the way he learns.  With the communal approach of community, school, and home all working together there are no limits on what he can do or achieve….only what society places on him.

You might not realize this but you are part of a community of people that are unrelated but your common denominator is that you’ve all played a role in helping “Johnny” move forward.

For Johnny, the words “I believe in you” are very powerful.

He remembers every single teacher who worked with him from the time he was 3 and was non-verbal with a smile on his face.

6 years ago Johnny was not meeting his developmental milestones.

5 years ago he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder moderate to severe as well as non verbal. We were warned that he may never talk and school might be a big challenge if we don’t move fast and get him into therapies and specialized preschool. They meant well but we were remembering the baby who was very engaged and the little boy who would grab your face and stare deeply into your eyes searching and trying to share. We were clinging to hope because deep down we knew

Now everything has changed and Johnny has shown us the only limitations are what we place on him.

My Dad used to say there is no such word as can’t it’s just that you haven’t figured out how to make it happen. If you don’t know Johnny was also raised by him untl he was 4-1/2 and heard this all the time.

“I hate CAN”T Mommy!”

So do we:)




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  1. NickyB. says:

    My last post was a similar message in that I wrote about how blessed I have been with my son’s teachers. It’s such a great feeling to know that our kids are in great hands!

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