Making New Visual Schedules To Promote Independence

One of my big goals is to help my son become more independent.  I make lists all the time on Evernote to keep track of things to do this month, this week or for that day.  I feel better if I have check lists especially if there are so many little things I need to remember to take care of and that I might miss as a Mom of two young children.  So I thought it was time to re-visit visual schedules and use them in a different way.  In the past I used them to teach Johnny life skills and tasks and point at each PEC and prompt him along over and over until he was able to do a task very well.  Now I wanted to update what we used to use so that he can do everyday tasks all on his own without any or as little assistance as possible.

I don’t have any fancy software to make visuals but I do use the ConnectAbility website to create layouts and to find PECs to use.  What I love about the ConnectAbility site is you can use your own images or clipart you find on Google and import them in to save and print out.  The paper cutter and the laminator I purchased at Walmart and I went to my local dollar store to get bristol board and velcro.  Now all I have to do is organize all my little pictures and graphics and most importantly check with Johnny and his little sister to see if Mommy missed anything.  His little sister has grown up using visual schedules too and I hope in the future that all classrooms use tools like this to teach all children because its a great teaching tool nut just for children with developmental challenges.   I will share my finished visual schedules in a future post.




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  1. NickyB. says:

    Great idea! Very Smart…Thank YOU!

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    1. Cyn says:

      You’re welcome!!! I’m glad to be able to pass on this great free resource for everyone to use. Board maker is out of the reach for most folks…

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  2. behaviortalk says:

    Visual schedules are such a great tool! And I love that you showed that you can make great visual schedules without any expensive software. Heck, I’ve even made visual schedules with pictures off of google before 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Cyn says:

      You are welcome!!! It’s my favourite website and I love the fact that it empowers parents:) I am happy that I can share. Thanks for taking the time to read and share your thoughts.

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