Missing The Cat…hope there is a happy ending.

Johnny’s cat Charcoal, the family pet, has been missing now for 5 days 😦 We have delivered in mail boxes a “missing” flyer and we have hung flyers on every telephone pole we could find in a several block radius. As you can imagine, Johnny is having a really hard time with the idea that we really have no idea what has happened to our cat. He likes endings much more so then most people and wants predictability and problem solving. We are crossing our fingers that we can give this story a happy ending.

Everything Under the Sun

“I don’t want the cat sleeping on Mommy’s bed.  I don’t want the cat watching me get on the school bus.  I don’t want the cat going outside.  I don’t want the cat sleeping on my sister’s bed.   I don’t want the cat to go outside and go hunting.  I don’t want the cat to play with his toys.  I don’t want the cat to slap me.”

You’re probably wondering right now what our cat CAN do but back to that in a minute because the story doesn’t begin here.

Our family cat “Charcoal” trying to sleep on Johnny’s beanbag.


When I was wishing that Johnny could talk and tell me what was on his mind I didn’t know I would hear this…every…..single…..day.  We used to have two cats and sadly, the elderly one named Tasha died last December at the age of 20.   Johnny liked to try to…

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