While we were away

Beach Time

Baptism, reading out loud in front of the school, making friends, First Communion, deciding that he wanted his own birthday party with school friends,  getting his invitations out, turning 8, going to New York City for a week, sitting through his first Broadway musical three hours in the theater at night, finishing Grade 2, speech therapy two times a week, swimming lessons, Play dates, two weeks of social skills camp with all boys, doing activities with boys when he prefers being with cute girls, reading 2 short books every day, doing 15 minutes of Math everyday, going to Cape Cod for seven days for the beach time and now back to school.

Now you’re officially caught up in with what’s been happening in our lives. But it isn’t really that simple is it? Parenting a child on the spectrum is not for the faint of heart as one of my close friends who is in the same boat pointed out to me last week. Our kids brains are wired differently. They process all the information that life throws at us very differently than we do and sometimes life is just hard. We have good days.   We have not so good days. We have days that are filled with absolute joy and happiness.   Then the pendulum swings and because too much of a good thing is hard the safety net collapses and all hell breaks loose. But we get through it. Do I get frustrated? You betcha.  I think I’ve got everything figured out.   I think I’ve planned for everything and he throws a few curveballs at me and the one thing that he finds isn’t working properly the house of cards falls down.  It is when I’m the most frustrated that I remember that its nothing to the daily frustration that Johnny feels.

Now Johnny’s in Grade 3 and started off really happy to be at school and embracing all the school work.

But the best thing I can say is he’s doing absolutely amazing. He is embracing life on his own terms even at times when it might not be the way I’d like him to. But the point is he is happy.   He is moving forward and he has friends and he is absolutely determined.  During the last two months he’s also been trying to figure out how he feels about being Autistic which I am going to write a lot about.

Thank you for being patient waiting for me to take a deep breathe and get back to clicking away on the keyboard and telling Johnny’s story.

Screenshot 2015-09-30 11.08.44


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