Back To School and The Battle of the Distracters

One month into school and things have been going well except for one thing.  Johnny trying to get used to the very busy schedule of Grade 3, the new teacher and classroom, and trying to become more independent. I was on twitter when I saw this great resource posted about BRAIN DISTRACTORS. One of the things I noticed over the years with Autism is its like Johnny is using all of his 5 senses to gain information and its hard for him to just ignore it. I am conflicted because he learns from collecting all of this data this way but the way he learns can also stop him from focusing on a task. It has definitely helped a lot that he has become verbal so I’m not playing a guessing game but at school he doesn’t always relate to his teachers what he is thinking about so they would know why he’s so distracted. With family, friends and professionals he is very comfortable with he relates easily and frequently what is front and foremost on his mind 😉

As the school year gets rolling I wanted to share this great resource that I wished I had on hand when Johnny was non-verbal so that I could print it out and hand to teachers (or glue it to their walls) . I remember asking Johnny very silly questions to get his attention and suddenly he’d look at me as if I grew horns on my head. The look on his face was “I’m listening to you but what you are saying is not as important right now as what I’m thinking about.” Today he tells me this to my face but in kinder words.


As parents of kids on the spectrum, we know its never a simple answer with our kids. Even though all kids are prone to distraction, our children are taking multi-taksing to a whole other level in their heads.






Love to hear what you think....

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