The Cat Came Back 



A story from summer with a happy ending:) 

The cat came back but not the very next day like the song says.  It turns out that he was just a few doors down from us stuck in a house on our street!   The after day we started coming to grips with the notion that he might not come back we got our good  news.  It seems he had been stuck for three weeks in the attic,  rafters and basement in a big old house six doors down the street from our house.  He had gone on a prowl and had followed their female cat into their house and got too scared and couldn’t find his way out!  All in all we had not seen them for four weeks because we have been away on vacation for one week and came back and found out that he was missing.  

Charcoal is home!!!! At midnight we got a call from a neighbor down the street saying that he’s caught our cat! 

A few days before, the neighbour had approached my husband and Johnny and said that he knew that we had lost our cat and that their children have been spotting a cat that’s been popping its head out behind bookshelves and boxes and the washing machine in the basement.   It’d been a very hot summer and they don’t have air conditioning so they leave their back door to the kitchen open.  They have five children and both parents are very busy professionals so when you add the friends that pop over as well of their children do you have all these children walking around the house the odd squirrel cat and even a raccoon comes for a visit.  So on the children had sleepovers with her friends in the basement and they see this little face popping out at them.  The kids were trying to see if they could get a look at their new visitor.  You see they have their own female cat but she wasn’t helping at all.  Their clue that something indeed was happening in their house was their cats food dishes were empty and emptying at an alarming rate. 

As it turns out one of our other neighbour’s daughter is friends with one of the kids in the house.  She had  been walking by her friend’s house and texted her saying, “did you  get a new cat?”  Luckily there’d been a mix-up between cell phones between my neighbour’s mother and daughter.   The mother saw the text and since she had  been giving us advice on how to find our cat, she put two and two together and let me know.

So that brings us back to my husband and Johnny talking to the neighbour down the street telling us he suspected he had our cat hiding in his house.  He invited Johnny and my husband inside his house to take a wander while they all stayed outside in the backyard hoping that our cat charcoal would hear his masters and be brave and come out and say “hi.”  Unfortunately that didn’t happen but one of the girls in the house that’s closer to Johnny’s age invited him outside to go bouncing on their trampoline.  Johnny Will never say no to a pretty girl and an opportunity to go on a trampoline.  So what turned into a search and find mission became an impromptu play date. 

So the neighbor in the house traded phone numbers with us and promised that he would do his best to try to capture our cat and get them back to us as soon as possible.  Then late one night around midnight we got a frantic call from the man’s wife saying that he’s caught our cat and he’s walking down the street bringing him to us. We scramble and go outside and sure enough we see the neighbour.  He’s got a big fisherman’s oilskin jacket on and he’s got these heavy duty workers gloves on and yes he indeed has our cat Charcoal.  It was an emotional moment for all of us including his kids that were there as well.  They were on their pajamas and had been woken up by the excitement of their  Dad pouncing and grabbing our cat. Our cat had not gone willingly and had given them quite deep scratch but the man was happy to do his really big good deed.  He insisted that he bring the cat directly into our house because he was afraid if he just handed them over to us that charcoal would try to get away because he was so scared.  What a relief!! 
We had to pinch ourselves we were so overjoyed and happy.  We couldn’t wait to see the kids faces in the morning when they see that our cat is back home.


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