Apples and Oranges to Tantrum or Meltdown 

If I put my children side by side you would immediately list off some differences.  Boy / girl, younger/ older, taller/ shorter, blond/ brown etc. When it comes to behavior they are very different again.  Is it a tantrum or is it something more?  So young but carrying such big emotions and still learning how to handle them.  One of the most popular visits to my blog is my post sharing info from another blogger about what meltdowns and tantrums are like. 

The following is from another insightful blog  that I have just discovered that I highly recommend sitting down to a cup of tea and dive in.  I think that both tantrums and meltdowns are a cry for help from a child but both cause a great deal of anxiety in parents.  For a typical child they need to learn how to handle disappointments, frustration and to be more flexible.  For a child with Autism it is a lot more complex because I have found that too much of a good thing can lead to a meltdown.  I hope this leads to more understanding.


Love to hear what you think....

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