What Do You Feel Like? 

After the big Christmas school concert, we were collecting the kids and saying our good byes.  Johnny’s teachers and EA’s were there and getting him organized to go.  Johnny wanted to know what we were doing now and I said we needed to get some dinner for Daddy because he came straight from work to see the Christmas concert.  Johnny then wanted to know what we were going to get and I said that depends on Daddy and what he wants.  Johnny then turned to my husband and faced him and said “what do you feel like eating Daddy.” I felt a silence come over the room as my husband and Johnny were chatting and  I look over and see all the EA’s and teachers looking and listening with jaws dropping.

“That is so incredible. “That is so nice.”

My husband looked up and smiled then answered Johnny by saying, “I’m not sure.”
So Johnny touched his cheek and said “Daddy what do you want to eat? ” Again more happy surprise and his main EA gushing with tears and coming over and saying,

“wow listen to him!! So incredible and mature and considerate “

Princess was a bit confused by all the reactions and turned and told the adults.

“Johnny is like that with Daddy and actually all of us. He looks after us and we look after each other.”

Later my husband mentioned to me “he’s always like this…makes you wonder what he’s like at school since they were all surprised.” I agreed but I couldn’t help but think that they got to see Johnny for who he really is and see a window into our lives.  Also why can’t a child with Autism not see another person’s point of view and care about their feelings?


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  1. NickyB. says:

    Truly wonderful😊😊

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    1. Cyn says:

      Thank you:) that means a lot:)

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