Ash Wednesday Redux



“Johnny wants to read this on February 18th for Ash Wednesday in front of the school.   Can you practice with him till he has it down to a fine art please?”

This is the text I received from Johnny’s teacher last year.  I was so surprised but immensely proud that he has decided to do this.

“Wow! Okay:) Did he volunteer?”

The Grade 2 teacher said that she asked him and he replied yes and said that he was very excited about it.   I think that its always good to nudge him forward and challenge him.
I know he was very excited to some of his friends do responsorials at Mass before Christmas.   Johnny understands he has to speak in front of everyone and speak loudly.  He has never really been a shy boy except when he is feeling very emotionally.  In fact he enjoys attention but because of his speech delay he’s been self conscious.

I texted the teacher and said,

“I think it’s great! He never ceases to amaze me.”

She quickly and proudly responded with,

“He amazes me every week as I see his confidence grow and grow.”


Ash Wednesday comes and one of Johnny’s teachers is texting me through Mass because he is so excited and proud of him. He videoed it for me because I chose not to be there just in case I made him nervous. He did it! There was suppose to be a microphone but technical problems meant he had to do it in front of 200 children without one. After watching the video I had to remind myself that only 2 years ago Johnny was essentially non-verbal. Step by step, little by little….




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