The Boy On The Bus and His Mom Pt 4/4


So it would have to happen that we would meet.

It was an extremely cold night for the parent teacher conferences so I was happy to wait inside for my husband to arrive.  One of the EA’s that I know that works in the Multiple Exceptionality room spots me waiting in the hall.  “Do you have a few minutes,  John’s Mom is here and she would love to meet you.”

Why is it that so many Mom’s I meet you have son’s on the spectrum that we instantly have a connection?  There is no pretend because instantly we know who we are.  It turns out that when she told her husband about receiving a note from the Principal from  a parent regarding John he said, “oh no what did he do.”  She said she giggled and through some happy tears told him that it wasn’t what he was expecting at all to just to read it.  I was instantly struck by how utterly normal it sounded because what else is a parent suppose to think when they hear they are getting a note from the Principal about their son from a parent.  I told her I had an impulse to share what I was experiencing and that I understood that there are so many times that professionals and teachers let you know THOSE moments that we all need to hear and celebrate the positive ones.

She had one of John’s older siblings with her at the teacher conference and he told me some funny stories about his little brother who loves play-doh and modelling clay.   I instantly felt the love and acceptance this family had for John and how happy they were that he was interacting with folks outside of their family.   We chatted about someday arranging a playdate for the boys maybe at a swimming pool because they both love the water.  I told them that Johnny would like that.   Us Mom’s also talked about meeting up sometime for coffee to just chat and share stories.

Over the next few days I ran into more Special Resource teachers and EA’s who wanted to know if I had met John’s Mom and I told them we chatted and about potential playdates and they were happily surprised.   I know that Johnny wants to have more of them and I am trying to arrange more especially as the weather gets nicer but I also think that its good if he cultivates friendships with other Autistic children.

So for me this story of a little boy riding the school bus every morning with my son and daughter has turned into much more.



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  1. NickyB. says:

    Please let us know how the playdates go!

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    1. Cyn says:

      I will. I’ve noticed this week he is not interacting as much with us. He is looking at us but not stopping the kids. I noticed his regular classroom teacher is back at school so I thought this would be a good change but I can’t help but wonder that while she was away for 3 months he seemed so very different. I am going to chat with the Mom:)

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      1. NickyB. says:

        That is an excellent idea.

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