When I look over and see Johnny with a big smile on his face and laughing about something I think of “her.”


When Princess stops and looks at flowers at the neighbourhood corner store I think of “her” showing me how to plant flowers in the flower beds with “her.”


When Johnny is so determined about something I remember my Dad saying “she” was so headstrong….’our headstrong Hanna.”


When I look into Princess’s  eyes I remember how blue “her” eyes were.


When I brush Princess’s hair I remember “her” hair and the times I brushed, combed, cut and permed “her” hair.


When I need reassurance on the days it’s hard to be Mommy I think of “her” and think about what she would do.   I think of how so many of my friends thought of her as a Mom and a friend too.


Even after all these years the thought of her giggle over life’s absurdities puts a much needed smile on my face.


She gave me the liberty to laugh too.

Happy Mother’s Day

My Grandmother and Mom 🙂


Love to hear what you think....

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