Math Eruption

In  Grade 2,  Johnny was struggling and didn’t like doing his Math work at school.  He did it but it took a lot of motivating.  He could do Grade 2 geometry and enjoyed measurements, and he enjoyed working on predicting patterns and sequences but the concepts of addition and subtraction were not working out for him.  He clearly struggled and it felt like either he was over thinking everything or how he was being taught by us or at school was just getting through to him the way he learned.

Flash forward to Grade 3 and he is doing really well in Math.   Its called REFLEX and its a Math Fact Fluency system that is game based and its evaluates the child constantly and uses fun to reinforce math facts.   Johnny’s teacher decided to use it to increase Math fluency and this above all things really got Johnny’s attention.   He is suppose to do it a little every day until he the app gives him the green light that he has done his daily limit but I had to really struggle sometimes to get him to stop.  He would get so motivated to just do some more.  It was like a mental stim to do addition and subtraction  faster and faster.

At one point at school, all the Grade 3″s were doing tablets when one of the kids looked over and freaked out about the number of points Johnny had and how fast he was answering Math questions.  The teacher quickly texted me and sent me a picture of how Johnny was the “rock star of Math” at the moment and how he was grinning from ear to ear.  The other kids being the competitive sort decided to see if they could catch up and beat him.  In the end only 2 other boys in Grade 2 gained 100% fluency in Math facts 1-10 Addition and Subtraction at the end of Grade 3.    Johnny began doing this app Mid March but didn’t really commit to the daily practice until the beginning of April.   By the end of May in 2 months Johnny was now 100% fluent.  In June and over the summer, Johnny started doing Multiplication and Division 1-10  but we were busy and having lots of fun outside so as of today’s he is at 82%.   I have to pinch myself as I type this because he loves Math now.


100% Fluency Addition and Subtraction 1-10


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