Pinning Down Autism

I think sometimes it’s hard pinning down what Autism looks like.   I remember when Johnny was two and he had lost the few words he could say and we were beginning to panic,  our family doctor kept saying we will have to get him evaluated for speech delay in a few months but don’t panic.

“Sometimes boys take longer to do these things and your son is took longer to crawl and walk etc.  ( I now know these could be red flags for Autism.) Your son is a happy boy who is engaged so don’t worry.  Kids change so much at this age.”

How many of you have heard the phrase “don’t panic”  from a professional?  My other favourite is “he doesn’t Autistic.”

Best words that a professional ever said to me was this:

“Psst….I want to tell you one more thing.  Johnny is alright even though he is Autistic.

He is the sweetest boy with the biggest smile.  I could eat him all up he’s so precious.”

More here: Pinning Down Autism

Originally shared May 30 2014


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