Love Me If I Am Purple

I’ve been thinking a lot about self care, loving oneself and self esteem and I keep thinking about how if you go through life finding so many situations confusing what does that do to your perceptions of who you are? It made me think about how at times my son expresses things he doesn’t like about himself.  It bothers me a lot because I worry that his first thoughts are often negative about himself or what he doesn’t like. I am trying to get him to wade into the positive happy side of the pool and not to dwell in the deep end of self-recrimination.  I am reminded of something I wrote 3 years ago:

Over the last year Johnny has a had a “thing” about the way he looks. “I want yellow hair Mommy. I don’t like brown hair. I want to pull my hair out. I want my hair the colour of Mommy or Princess.”


Read more here : Love Me If I Am Purple

Originally shared April 3, 2014


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