He’s a BAD boy

“He’s a BAD boy” the little girl in Johnny’s class says very loudly while we are all sitting around the lunch tables at the Pumpkin Patch farm. Silence. (…) Johnny is not doing these things just to be BAD. He is trying to communicate, get attention and sometimes he is stimming. It is time to get answers and to bring awareness when needed.

One of my early blog posts that still resonates with me and sits at the pit of my stomach and still makes me feel uneasy when I think of it.  How children will talk about Johnny in front of him as if he’s not there and say things they would never want someone to say about them.  It makes me think about how many adults model this behaviour every single day just because Johnny and other children like him have Autism and interact differently.   I wanted to share my original post again to remind everyone that just because someone is acting differently and not showing that they are listening, we all have a responsibility to accept this difference and accept that they are listening in a different way.  Otherwise we risk normalizing the idea to children and to each other that because someone is different its okay to treat them “less then” everyone else.

Read more here : He’s a BAD boy

From October 19th 2011


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