“I want to stay here” ~ Time To Go Back

“Mamma I want to stay here. Mamma I want to stay with baby. I done school.”

It didn’t sound perfect but I understood what my little 4 year old boy was trying to convey to me.  School was hard.  Kindergarten was hard.  Being non-verbal in kindergarten was hard.  Being not understood at school was hard.  Being Autistic at school was hard.  Trying to have friends was hard.  Playing with kids is hard.  Being with Mommy and his baby sister is not hard.  Johnny is now 9 and wants to stay at home for different reasons.  He wants to do art, play with his toys, play with our cat and play with his little sister who is now 6.  He now wants to go to school to be with his friends who are mostly girls and play with them.  It helps that he can talk now so being at school and interacting with other kids is a lot easier.  He still finds school hard but its the academic stuff that is hard now but he says, “I work hard Mommy.  Especially in Math I work very hard but I like it.”

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Originally shared March 19 2012


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    1. Cyn says:

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment:) Much appreciated. That word HARD has become to have much deeper meaning to our family and particularly our son then I ever imagined.

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