I Want To Be Close 

First glance this appears to be just a photo of kids jackets hung up by a door.  Two girls winter jackets and one boys jacket.  How interesting can this possibly be?  This is actually one of the most interesting things my son has tried to tell me in a while.  After all behaviour  is another for of communication  right?

After dropping the kids off at their activity and I noticed positioning of Johnny’s coat.  It was interesting.  Visually this was his way of saying that I want to be close to my friends.  There were plenty of empty hooks as you can see peeking out from the right but he has to put his stuff right by the girls who are in his grade at school.   He even put his jacket specifically next to the girl who he really likes as well.

With Autism, the people in Johnny’s life are always looking for ways to make connections with him.  Children his age have a more challenging time because they do not know that they have to keep trying or that his way of connecting might seem a bit different but its a connection none the less.  Visually he is telling them that the wants to be friends with them and be close to them.

Yes a picture is a thousand words.


Love to hear what you think....

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