I Want MultiColoured Lights Daddy

Multicoloured Christmas lights have become a really big thing for Johnny.   It began two years when we would go for would go and wander in the neighbourhood and check out all the Christmas light displays.  We live in a big city so the houses are very close together so one street can offer many different…

The Santa Claus Myth or Pretend Play On A Grand Scale

~ from December 2013 delay due to storm Johnny loves Christmas and loves Santa Claus.  He loves it when all the Christmas lights go up and the decorations.  He loves all the textures and the colours and how festive everything gets. He loves seeing all the different coloured Christmas lights and how people use them….

Ice Storm Brings Change

One day in the future I have every faith that we will be able to look back at this past Christmas and smirk, but right now we are still getting used to finally being back in our own home and being able to relax without so much uncertainty hanging over our heads. We were woken…

Unexpected Discoveries At The Christmas Market

Better Late Then Never….from December When speech opens up his world. Our new family tradition is to go to the  European style Christmas Market in the historic neighbourhood downtown.   It’s a beautiful experience with the smell of roasting German sausages, veal schnitzel, pretzels, hot apple cider, maple taffy, poutine, and chilli.  Bonfires are strategically…

It’s Still Christmas?

Two weekends ago we went downtown to celebrate my birthday and we discovered Christmas hiding around a corner.