What’s In A Name? Johnny and Princess

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Introducing “Johnny” and “Princess”.

In order to maintain both of my children’s safety and recapture their online anonymity, from now on I am using pseudonyms on my blog ~ Johnny and Princess.  I went through my entire blog and changed their names so I ask you, if you know their real names please *wink* go along with me and use their nicknames and if someone forgets I will understand and edit.

Why Johnny? Well we both really liked the first name we gave our son and as a bonus he was named after my Grandfather who came from Russia. So when I needed a pseudonym it felt natural to pay homage to my son’s other Great-Grandfather who was known as John from England.

Why Princess? My little girl likes to dance around our living room with an Elf hat on or wearing a tiara/crown waving one of her 3 wands (star, fabric star or butterfly) with the biggest smile.  She is our little silly quirky spunky “Princess.”


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Marieta ivanova says:

    Johnny and The Princess – I like!


  2. Lisa Burns says:

    Johnny and Princess it is!!!! They are lovely….whatever moniker you give them ( :


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